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ShutterBug Photo Booth has a feature article in the Windsor Star


Jenelle and Fernado Bayuga heard about it from a friend who attend a wedding in the U.S.

"My first reaction was 'I wish we had this at our wedding,'" Jenelle recalls of the informal photo booth idea.

Two years ago, she and her husband researched the concept and developed their own digital photo booth. Now they are co-owners of ShutterBug Photo Booth.

Most weekends, the Bayugas are operating their photo booth at weddings, as well as corporate events, proms and other special occasions. ShutterBug Photo Booth is in such demand that a second photo booth and crew have been assembled.

The ShutterBug team arrives at the venue to set up an hour or so before the reception begins. Four black velvet walls are erected to create an enclosed space. Large enough to accommodate up to 15 people, it fits the average wedding party or family group, giving them room to strike poses and show how much they are enjoying the reception.

Before entering the photo booth, guests may choose to dig through the dress up boxes to fashion personally unique and goofy looks. Well-dressed and dignified guests of all ages - kids through to seniors - suddenly morph into pirates, clowns, disco babes and other funny characters.

A photo booth host introduces guests to the photo booth.

"Our host is there to make sure guests are having a good time and to keep everything in order," Jenelle says.

A second ShutterBug person monitors and assists the action inside the booth. "It's exactly like the old-style photo booth that you go into at the mall."

Only the photo booth is much larger. Inside the booth, guests count down and a digital camera takes the picture. Four photos are shot per visit to the booth.

Guests exit and collect their automatically printed photos, then and there. "The photos come out nice and clear and very colourful," Jenelle says.

Eight different photo formats give guests the choice of the classic strip of four pictures, a grid of 4-by-6 inch photos and other layouts.

The bridal couple's names and a personalized logo created by ShutterBug can be printed on every photo. "It makes the perfect favour because it's instant and no one is going to throw out a picture of themselves," Jenelle finds. "It's a really memorable keepsake."

"My son and daughter-in-law decided to book ShutterBug Photo Booth as their wedding favours," says Barb Malmberg.

"They wanted their guests to be entertained and have fun plus take home a reminder of Mike and Heather's special day. And their guests loved it."

"The photo booth gave the wedding guests another option. If you didn't dance, you could be entertained by yourself, as a couple or as a group," she adds. "There was always a line-up; however, it moved very quickly and the guests could choose their props or poses while they waited. The props were a great success."

Bridal couples may order a customized scrapbook that guests complete at the reception. Second copies of the photos are printed for guests to lay out on scrapbook pages, personalized with notes, stickers and other embellishments.

The scrapbook becomes so much more than a guest book of signatures.

"Your friends and family - the people you love - are writing messages with their pictures," Jenelle says. "It's really cool."
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